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Coffs Harbour
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Coffs Harbour, once a sleepy seaside village, has matured into a booming seaside holiday city which now attracts a wide variety of visitors both locally and from abroad. Many come to Coffs Harbour in search of the quintessential Aussie lifestyle which Coffs delivers in the form of ideal weather conditions, friendly locals, stunning natural beauty and pristine beaches. If you find yourself on a driving holiday in one of our car rentals we strongly recommend you stop and take a look around this charming coastal town.

Somehow, despite the rapid development of the city, Coffs Harbour has managed to hold on to its small town charm. The city is surrounded by the natural beauty of the sub-tropical rainforests, pristine marine reserves, and a range of immaculately manicured public gardens. Local residents act as caretakers of the regions vibrant and diverse history and you will find a range of museums, galleries and performances which celebrate and bring to life the pioneering days of Australia's early settlers.

Culture buffs interested in the history of the region should head along to the small Historical Museum in the centre of town which houses a collection of exhibits showcasing the history of both early European settlers and the original Aboriginal inhabitants. Inside this museum you will find a range of tools owned by early pioneers and timber merchants as well as artefacts of the Gumbaingirr people who once inhabited large areas of land in this region. For a deeper insight into the local indigenous culture jump in your car rental and head north along the Pacific Highway past Woolgoola to Corindi beach where the Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural centre is located. Here you will find an arts and crafts shop, a bush tucker cafe and a native bush-tucker medicine nursery with plants for sale. For a more meaningful experience hire one of the local guides and learn about bush tucker first hand from a local expert.

If you find yourself in the centre of town with no plans for the day consider dropping in to see the North Coast Botanical Gardens. These gardens provide a tranquil subtropical haven which is surrounded on two sides by Coffs Creek. A picturesque creek walk and cycle trail begin near the town centre at Rotary Park and end some 5.4km away at Muttonbird Island. The final portion of this trail leads along the northern breakwater where you will find businesses where bikes and canoes can be rented.

The Muttonbird Island Reserve is an elevated rocky outcrop island which is high enough to offer views of both Coffs Harbour and the beaches which stretch to the north and south. The island is home to an impressive range of birdlife, an interpretive walk describes the lifestyle of the migratory birds which nest there in summer. The best time of day to visit the island is in the evening when you can watch the muttonbirds return to their nests.

To view more marine life visit the Pet Porpoise Pool which is located between Coffs Jetty and Park Beach. Here you can see domesticated dolphins and seals being put through their paces. This quaint and charming little venue also has a number of small aquariums with sharks and other marine animals.

Another popular tourist attraction, the big banana lies approximately 3km north of Coffs on the Pacific Highway. It is advertised as a "horticultural theme park" which provides a number of displays which traces the early pioneering life in the district and Coff Harbours multi-billion dollar banana industry. Visitors can take a tour of the park by bus or monorail and view the packing sheds, glass houses, a space station and an Aboriginal Dreamtime cave. The milk bar provides an ideal place to finish your tour of the theme park, its menu is full of creative and delicious variations on meals made with banana.

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